Excellent Summer Vacation Spots in Canada

Summer vacations can be the hardest times to travel. Everyone takes time off during the summer months and prices sky rocket because of it. Therefore, it’s extremely important to find a vacation destination that is worth your time, money, and effort! Take a look at some of these locations for ideas on how best to spend your Canadian vacation.

Cape Breton

Designated by National Geographic as the number one Canadian destination for summer travel, Cape Breton can only be described as a North American paradise complete with rolling green hills that reminiscent of Ireland. With ample places to hike and cycle through, this scenic area is lush with natural wildlife. Rent a car and discover Cabot Drive, one of the prettiest routes in the country, or rent a motorboat and crash through the waves in the bay. Take your pick: you won’t regret any of it.



A time honored tradition of this region is to go iceberg “hunting” in the early months of the summer season. There’s nothing quite like visiting the island’s most northern coast, aptly named Iceberg Alley, to spot the beautiful glistening bodies of ice that once upon a time bumped into the ill-fated Titanic. While there are never any guarantees when or where an iceberg will show itself, this is the most reliable location, but just be sure to go in the months between June and October as early as you can.

Prince Edward Island

There are few places on earth that are more quaint or picturesque than Prince Edward Island. PEI, as it is locally known, is not only an excellent place to vacation, but also a great way to get in touch with Canada’s roots and history.  Made famous by its most popular and fictitious resident, Anne of Green Gables, the island feels like a memorial to the more simpler time of the Victorian Era, offering a variety of excellent accommodations that provide plenty of activities to choose from like lazing on beaches, horseback riding, and even partaking in “authentic PEI” culture.

Canadian Rockies

There aren’t many places in North America left unaffected by civilization and urbanization, but the Canadian Rockies has hundreds of acres of open land to explore and discover, perfect for a summer getaway. Some of the most amazing sights can be viewed a la horseback riding. Take a journey on horseback and discover just how beautiful and peaceful the basins of Banff and Jasper National Park are. If you don’t want to commit to an entire week of riding, opt to do a day tour on stagecoach like the old days of the Wild West.

Vancouver Island

Of all the summer beaches resorts on the western coast of Canada, Vancouver Island could be the most fun and exciting. Made up of seven distinct regions, the island plays host to literally hundreds of resorts, each equipped with sporting activities like fishing, hiking, camping, and also provides amazing chances to get up close to migrating whale pods every summer. And don’t forget about the gorgeous Butchart Gardens!

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