Flat Rate Toronto Airport Rates 2013-14

These rates are to be used as guidelines and can fluctuate from company to company.  The rates are for limousine and not regular taxis.  Unlike taxis, Limousines are typically larger luxury sedans (Lincoln Towncar, Lexus, etc.) that are not metered. Limousines are ideal when traveling with large luggage, during rush hour, or for business travel. Taxis are ideal during non peak traffic and if you have small to medium size luggage.

Tourism.to’s 2013-14 approved Airport Limousine Flat Rates are as follows:

Downtown Toronto $59 + HST
Downtown Toronto West $60 + HST
High Park $57 + HST
Rosedale $65 + HST
Toronto North $68 + HST
Uptown $74 + HST
Toronto West $63 + HST
Etobicoke $45+ HST
Airport East $35 + HST
Airport North $24 + HST
Airport West $26 + HST
Mississauga $55 + HST
Brampton $62 + HST
North York $71 + HST
York University Heights $72 + HST
Vaughan $79 + HST
Richmond Hill $75 + HST
Markham $84 + HST
East York $69 + HST
Danforth $65 + HST
Leslieville $61 + HST
Beaches $64 + HST
Scarborough $80 + HST



Pre-Arranged Transportation at Toronto Pearson International Airport

To pre-arrange a taxi or limousine service for your return to Toronto Pearson, please contact your preferred taxi or limousine company. Upon arrival at the airport, proceed to the designated pre-arranged transportation areas and notify the Pre-arranged Airport Marshal on duty that you are waiting.

Terminal 1: Door B3
Terminal 3: Post 29

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