Flat Rate Toronto Airport Rates 2013-14

These rates are to be used as guidelines and can fluctuate from company to company.  The rates are for limousine and not regular taxis.  Unlike taxis, Limousines are typically larger luxury sedans (Lincoln Towncar, Lexus, etc.) that are not metered. Limousines are ideal when traveling with large luggage, during rush hour, or for business travel. Taxis are ideal during non peak traffic and if you have small to medium size luggage.

Tourism.to’s 2013-14 approved Airport Limousine Flat Rates are as…

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Black Friday Bus to Premium Outlets

With the recent announcement of the Toronto Premium Outlets extending it’s hours for Black Friday Weekend, King Tours has also followed suite by adding routes to the shuttle bus service from Union Station.

Toronto Premium Outlets


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Black Friday Toronto Premium Outlets Hours

Toronto Premium OutletsToronto Premium Outlets is hosting its first ever Black Friday Weekend Shopping Event. If the savings are anywhere close to the what we see in the US, the shopping experience will be amazing!  Here are the extended store hours:

Friday November 29
Outlet Hours: 10:00 AM to midnight

Saturday November 30
Outlet Hours: 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Sunday December 1
Outlet Hours: 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM


To avoid parking issues, customers are encouraged to…

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Excellent Summer Vacation Spots in Canada

Summer vacations can be the hardest times to travel. Everyone takes time off during the summer months and prices sky rocket because of it. Therefore, it’s extremely important to find a vacation destination that is worth your time, money, and effort! Take a look at some of these locations for ideas on how best to spend your Canadian vacation.

Cape Breton

Designated by National Geographic as the number one Canadian destination for summer travel, Cape Breton can only be described as…

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Algonquin Room

Banting House Bed and Breakfast

Banting House reinvented:  Built in 1896 and owned by the University of Toronto for more then 80 years, this late Victorian house at 73 Homewood Ave in Toronto with eight guest bedrooms has been in operation for more then twenty years. During the U of T years Dr. Banting, with Dr.Best who both indeed had the insulin breakthrough in the 1920’s, leased a laboratory in the basement of the house during that same time period.

Currently your host Scott McCabe has been operating the Inn for…

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Lifemates Canada

How to Meet People in Canada

Canadians spend a good part of the year huddled indoors, away from the cold, but if you’re a single and want to meet someone with whom you can build a long-term relationship, you can move ahead, winter or summer.

Use the reputation that Canadians have as a nation of friendly people to your advantage and get out to meet someone special.

1. Check out groups and clubs that meet your interests. If you’re passionate about a particular social…

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4 Things You Should Know About Duty Free Shopping

Long line-up at the US-Canada border? Here are a few things about Duty Free shopping I bet you didn’t know.

  • You can visit Duty Free before visiting the US, take advantage of the tax savings and skip the line.
  • You’ll save the most on products that carry the most duties such as alcohol, fragrances, cosmetics, health and beauty products.
  • Land border Duty Free stores have lower operating costs than airport Duty Free. So land border Duty Free stores…
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Massimo Dutti Eaton Centre Opening

Massimo Dutti Opens First North American Store in Toronto

The Spanish company, founded in 1985, has chosen to open its first North American store right here in Toronto’s Eaton Centre. The store opened August 30th.

Fashion blogger Nelia Belkova was there for the grand opening.  Here is here are some of here comments about the store.

Massimo Dutti Eaton Centre Opening

Back in my Zara days, I used to look wistfully through the Inditex portfolio of brands, and wish that someday these…

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Toronto Maple Leafs 2013

Stanley Cup ticket 2012-13The 2012-13 NHL schedule is set, the tickets have been printed, and we are ready to welcome hockey fans from all over the world to Toronto. But the things do not look promising. Players and owners are far away from reaching an agreement and seeing any games in 2012 (at least) is beginning to look less promising.

If the NHL does…

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Toronto International Film Festival Movie List TIFF

TIFF 2012 is coming, and excitement is in the air! For us Torontonians, TIFF is akin to Christmas+Birthday+Anniversary+The Oscars all wrapped up in a few days of celeb spotting, film watching, and then discussing it around the watercooler with friends/co-workers/anybody who would listen. Each year, I get a few personal highlights out of the TIFF experience…like that one time I took a photo of my friend Joanna holding hands with Brad Pitt (!), or that other time, when…

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Union Station Departure Time Toronto Premium Outlets Departure Time
9:30 AM