Excellent Summer Vacation Spots in Canada

Summer vacations can be the hardest times to travel. Everyone takes time off during the summer months and prices sky rocket because of it. Therefore, it’s extremely important to find a vacation destination that is worth your time, money, and effort! Take a look at some of these locations for ideas on how best to spend your Canadian vacation.

Cape Breton

Designated by National Geographic as the number one Canadian destination for summer travel, Cape Breton can only be described as…

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Toronto Maple Leafs 2013

Stanley Cup ticket 2012-13The 2012-13 NHL schedule is set, the tickets have been printed, and we are ready to welcome hockey fans from all over the world to Toronto. But the things do not look promising. Players and owners are far away from reaching an agreement and seeing any games in 2012 (at least) is beginning to look less promising.

If the NHL does…

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